Council meeting video recording & webcasting 

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council meeting recording Overview

The MaestroVision council meeting recording system (Keyserv GC) provides municipalities with the next generation recording capabilities in a cost effective package. Catering to the most discerning video experts , MaestroVision has leveraged its experience and expertise to provide the very best in council meeting video recording   & webcasting technology.




council meeting recordingFeatures: 

•Outstanding video and audio quality from the video experts.
•Records simultaneously up to 4 independent video/audio sources in HD.
•Embedded audio eliminates audio syncing issues.
•User generated electronic notes stored with each video clip.
•Simple and efficient content indexing.
•Intuitive user interface reduces operator learning curve.
•Long term archiving and data recovery.
•User defined “Delete” date automatically eliminates files no longer required.
•System automatically generates a thumbnail timeline of recording at user defined intervals.
•Advanced security features protect content and rights management access.
– 24/7 technical support.

When combined with its Video Library and archiving   System “Veotek GC”, a complete turn-key solution  is finally available to record, catalogue, store, and   retrieve all of the different media types collected   including Council Meetings.

To see how our technology is being used by cities and municipalities, please visit:

City of Laval council meeting

City of Sainte-Catherine council meeting

City of Brownsburg council meeting

Or contact us at 1-888-424-5505 /


Inputs :
• Up to 4 HDMI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, NTSC inputs
• Audio balanced inputs
• Supports all SD/HD standard resolutions
• Different connection configurations available

Supported file formats:
• Wrapper: Mpeg, Mov, Mp4, Avi, Mxf
• Essence: Mpeg2, DV, H264
• Bit rate up to 100 Mbps

• 4TB (Approx 10,000 hrs)


Dimensions :
• Height : 17.8 “ (452 mm)
• Width : 7.0 “ (178 mm)
• Dept : 25.5 “ (648 mm)
• Weight : 71 lb (32.2 kg)

* Rack mount version available


System configuration:
Dual Intel Xeon processors
 Up to 16GB RAM
• Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet   controllers



  • 12 TB (Approx 30,000 hrs)


  • KS-HD-SDI: 1 digital HD-SDI (SMPTE-292) input with  up to 6 embedded audio   channels
  • KS-HDMI: 1 digital HDMI (no HDCP support) input  with up to 6 digital audio  channels or 2 channels of  balanced analog audio
  • KS-NTSC: 1 analog composite (NTSC) input with up to  2 channels of  balanced  analog audio


  • KS-DVD: Stores recording on up to 3 DVD disks
  • KS-Blu-Ray: Stores recording on up to 3 Blu-Ray disks


  • KS –BU: Additional removable drive for recording backup

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