Video recording of council meetings, committee meetings and court trials, live webcast and video library solutions.


MaestroVision council meeting video recording system, webcast and video library solutions provide a powerful, simple and cost-effective technology to record and share council meetings.

Our government video solutions: council meeting recording system and municipal video library are targeted for municipal councils, federal government, provincial and state governments, and has been already successfully used by Law enforcement agencies, Municipal and Government entities and Broadcasters in USA, Canada and Mexico.

MaestroVision’s video / audio recording technology is also designed to record and manage court hearings and trials at provincial and territorial Courts, Superior Courts and Courts of appeal, proceedings in Federal Courts and in the Supreme Court.

Council meeting video / audio recording  


Council video recordingProviding government institutions the next generation recording capabilities in a cost effective package. Powerful and  simple technology to record all council meetings with:

  • Audio and video in high definition.
  • Ability to record up to 4 independent sources simultaneously: the meeting, the PowerPoint presentation and the agenda.
  • Advanced security features to protect content.
  • Content indexing technology.


Live streaming council meetingsLive streaming council meetings

Live streaming allows to watch and listen the council and committee meetings in real time.

  • Citizens can watch council meetings live on your website.
  • Supports up to 2,000 simultaneous users (viewers).
  • Configuration is not required
  • Outstanding video and audio quality
  • On-site recording services available


Video library

Council meeting video library

The council meeting video library is a centralized solution to securely access and manage all video provided by the city or municipality including all recorded meetings and committees as well as any video from events and festivals.
The advantages of the video library include:

  • Integrates with your current website
  • Does not require a webmaster
  • Does not require a technician
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Security features to protect content and limit access
  • Citizen can easily access previous recording
  • Possibility to create rules to delete obsolete content




Other applications include:

  • Court hearings and trials:
    • Trials at provincial and territorial Courts, Superior Courts and Courts of appeal
    • Proceedings in Federal Courts of appeal.
    • Proceeding in the Supreme Court.



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